Local Website Design for Small Business

Here to provide local website design for small business, Based in West Lothian, with 20 years experience in the IT industry

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Small Business Internet Presence

Small businesses need to be able to compete in as many areas as possible to stand any chance of longevity against the big corps, get your business, never mind how small, online.

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Small Business Hosting

We can also tailor hosting packages, giving you full control of building your own website, with access via cpanel, running on Linux servers.

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About us

Lived in West Lothian most of my life, worked within the IT industry for 20 years, I have always had a keen eye for everything IT related.  As technology keeps evolving and getting cheaper, faster and easier to use, i thought it was time to use my skills to help local businesses rather than big corporations.  Local small business seems to be getting left behind by technology, I want to help.

Why Choose us?

I firmly believe that technology can enhance our lifes, not just personal but also our businesses can thrive.  Building a website is relatively easy these days, but building a business website that enhances your business takes a bit more effort, each website built comes with it a relationship, where we continually tweak your website to make sure its running as optimal as possible and meeting your business needs.

Why do we do this type of work?

To help build our local economies, boost employment.

I have a genuine interest in how our society functions and evolves and just now our local high streets are going backwards, there is no real investment anymore, so it seems if we are going to make anything of our local towns and businesses the bulk of the work is going to come from us.  That’s where using technology can help, the more local businesses that we can get online with dedicated websites that enhance their business, then it stands to reason that our high streets will also get busier.

Who benefits?

Everyone benefits here, you benefit from getting the website and internet presence and exposure within local and wider searches on the internet, your business gets seen by more potential customers, as well as future-proofing your business.
I benefit from using my skills to help a local business at the same time as building my own local business.
The communities will benefit when we get more and more businesses to get online and utilise it more effectively, which in turn can increase trade, maybe create new jobs and help our local economies.


Consumers don’t trust local small businesses if they are not online


Adults now go online


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t survive more than five years


Scottish people use mobile devices to browse for and buy products

Based in West Lothian
Email – info@websites4smallbiz.co.uk
Mobile – 07927283508

Benefits of a small business website

6 key benefits to having a small business website, there are many more, they key thing for me is that there are not downfalls to having a website for your business in todays digital world, so its best to adopt the new ways of the world or be left behind by competitors who do.

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Website Jargon

Top 5 terms and what they mean to you, I feel these are the key ones to have an understanding off when making decisions based on websites and hosting.

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