Websites for Small Business

Here to provide websites for small businesses, based in West Lothian, with 20 years experience in the IT industry

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Internet Presence

Small businesses need to be able to compete in as many areas as possible, to stand any chance of longevity against the big corps, get your business, never mind how small, online.

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Small Business Hosting

We can also tailor hosting packages, giving you full control of building your own website, with access via cpanel, running on Linux servers.

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03Local to the West Lothian Area

I can come to your business and we can discuss the many ways that having website will benefit your business in the long run.
i’m here to help you get the most from your online presence, not just build you a website.  We can work on social media usage, blog posting and other areas of marketing that suit your business.

03Mobile Friendly

All websites should be mobile friendly, all our websites are built with longevity in mind.
If you are being charged more money to make your websites mobile, then please think again.
More and more people are shopping using mobile devices, this is kept in mind when developing your small business website as the chances are more people will view it using a tablet or smartphone.

03No hidden fees

Be careful of cheap alternatives, with some of these tv deals, the more you sell the more they want.  Also when expecting a website for your business, i would expect it to have all that is required, be careful your not being charged for extras that you should get as standard.  All sites should be built with search engines in mind, being found in Google and basic SEO are part of all our websites.


I have used many Content Management Systems (CMS) I find WordPress which currently powers 24% of all new websites, kicks the www out of all on offer, it has built in standards and frameworks, these are simple enough to put together and the ease of use for the end client is whats more important.


Consumers don’t trust local small businesses if they are not online


Adults now go online


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t survive more than five years


Scottish people use mobile devices to browse for and buy products

Based in West Lothian
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Mobile – 07927283508

Benefits of a small business website

6 key benefits to having a small business website, there are many more, they key thing for me is that there are not downfalls to having a website for your business in todays digital world, so its best to adopt the new ways of the world or be left behind by competitors who do.

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Website Jargon

Top 5 terms and what they mean to you, I feel these are the key ones to have an understanding off when making decisions based on websites and hosting.

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