What does a website cost?

The question, what does a website cost?, really depends on what type of website you are looking for and also factor in how often you will be updating and keeping it current, not just the look, but also how it’s perceived online, SEO – search engine optimisation is an ongoing task that all website owners have to factor in if they want success from their website.

Website Support

All websites require support of some kind, from making design or layout changes to resolving technical issues.  All IT equipment is covered by us, so the only support you require is for your actual website; we take care of everything else, this includes taking backups of your website.


  • Basic Website: £300
  • Portfolio website: £500
  • Online Shop: £500
  • Hosting: free for 6 months, then £5 per month or £50 per year in advance
  • Support & Updates: £20 per hour or 3 hours for £50
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