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This is My Story

I have been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years.

I love working in this sector and even more so now, that I get to use my skills to help small businesses.

My reasons for moving into the small business sector is one of selfishness, and with that I really mean I want to have a vibrant local economy.

Over the years we have all witnessed the decline of our high-streets, my local area is not alone in this, businesses open and then shut after only a few years.

My loves in life, are playing chess, learning and all things related to tech, helping others with my skills.

What can I do to help?

I firmly believe that if small local businesses move with the times and adopt technology into their day to day running, they would have a better chance of success.

Most local small businesses still rely on outdated modes of pulling in new customers, they have the belief, that if you “build it they will come”.

Which we all know to be false, foot traffic is dying and with the lack of variety on the high-streets, this is only going to decline further.

Advertising in local publications does help, but the reader numbers are dying too, so these adverts are being placed in a medium with no real traffic. and it’s not cheap to run these adverts.

The Internet

Well it’s not going to go away, is it?

There is now a generation that has grown up within the internet age and knows nothing else of being connected online, using the various social media platforms.

I have to point out I am not in this generation, but I understand the value of a connected world. Just now customers will walk into a brick and mortar store and pull out there smartphone to check you out online, even while standing in the queue.

Help is at hand

This is where I believe I can add value to your business, by allowing you to be found on the internet.

Creating a full online profile for you and holding your hand as we progress the project.

I don’t want projects, that end as the final bill is paid, as this does nothing for you, and to be truthful I again believe this is one of the reasons some small business owners are put-off by the internet.

They just don’t understand it or have no time to learn and the thought of running a website just puts them in cold sweats.

Digital Inclusion

This is not just a buzz word for the now.

I have worked on digital inclusion projects for local government in poor run-down housing estates in Glasgow, running IT classes to help people find work, fill out forms, teach them about the internet and computing as a whole.

I have witnessed people in these areas who have been excluded from society for whatever reason start to flourish once knowledge and confidence started to grow.

The same is true for small businesses, some have the impression you need a certain amount of knowledge, or it’s too expensive, which is not really the case, web design has come down in price a fair bit and the knowledge is my issue, it’s my job to impart with enough to give you the confidence and then build on this as we progress.

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