Is Facebook good for small businessesIs Facebook good for small businesses with no marketing cash? – Most small businesses use social media to advertise their wares on the internet, in the hope of increasing followers (or ‘likes’). Each social media has their own take on this and we seem to have become slaves to this notion that the more followers we get, the more customers will buy/use our products or services, when the actual return is rather pathetic.

Is it really worth all the time put in just to increase the perception that our businesses are thriving?
You see it all the time on Facebook, where I have administrated various pages and groups over the years – with varying numbers of members/followers, ranging from a couple of hundred to thousands. You spend the time preparing a post for the page or group; which may have 10,000 likes; but only 23 people actually see your post and sometimes none at all! And even then, engagement is limited to a simple ‘like’.

The main problem with Facebook is simple, it’s too popular! This sounds daft, I know, but the minute big business found a way in, the game was over. We have some huge corporations making cash just from people basically ‘liking’ there content.

Is Facebook good for small businesses with no marketing cashFacebook is a corporation’s dream, all that traffic and audience in the one place – and yes it works both ways, your small business has access to the same traffic and audience.
There is just one small catch… they have the cash to price your posts out of the feed!
If you are a small business and are living in the hope that just posting on various pages and groups with details relating to your services will drive lasting traffic to your business, then you’re kidding yourself as it’s only getting started. Facebook may seem free, but that’s only for pictures of cats or people’s dinner – for now!

Is Facebook good for small businesses with no marketing cash

Is Facebook good for small businesses with no marketing cashFacebook has been getting more and more aggressive with its filtering over the years. It makes more business sense for Facebook to allow access to this bigger audience to the people who are willing to pay more.
We can still post within, for example, a group of various other small businesses, but the bigger audience and possible traffic to your business is being missed, we are being filtered out.

If you have been going for years and are established then you may have enough permanent traffic coming through, due to the weaker filtering by Facebook at the time and you were able to turn some of this into sales, which in turn creates the knock-on effects off ‘word of mouth’. But again you too will see that as Facebook evolved, when you posted for free, less and less people were seeing your posts.
To be honest, we all knew this would happen, so should we rely on this for our small/micro business?

The solution is simple. You can buy your own domain name these days for less than £20 from various places and from this you can create your own brand with its own website, using your domain name and website address as your email, this looks more professional to consumers, than a Facebook page with 1000 likes and only 23 people viewing the content.
Not only this, but from your website you can use this as your hub and let that automatically post to social media outlets for you, saving you time – and we all know ‘time is money’ in any business!