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Building a website is just the start of the journey, the old adage of “if you build it they will come” doesn’t really work online.

The reasons for this are due to the fact there are over 1.8 billion websites in circulation and the number increases exponentially every year.

All the web pages of these websites should all be optimised for internet searches, the keywords that people use when they search on Google for products or services.

In the old days, web designers would just pack web pages full of these keywords. But this was just a messy job and search engines like Google recognised this, also you have to bear in mind what Googles job is.

All Google wants to do is put the most relevant and current information in front of the user browsing the internet. It’s that simple. After a series of Google updates to its famous algorithms, the old ways of ranking websites changed, dramatically.

Google started pulling and penalising websites that were trying to game the system by using techniques like keyword stuffing on web pages.

SEO is made up of a few different areas, but for simplicity here are the main 3, that will help you understand the concept:


Technical SEO

This area focuses on all the technical aspects of your website, from the server setup to the speed of the website loading for your potential customers.

It also covers how your website pages are categorised and displayed on the website. Formatting of URL’s, the appropriate use of sub-domain, the creation and submission of sitemaps to search engines.

Making sure your web pages are indexed and search engines are able to crawl and perform their indexing services.

We will ensure your sitemaps are pushed out to all the relevant search engines, your website will load as fast as the content on the page will allow, this moves into the on-page SEO area.

The Technical SEO aspects of building your website are probably the most important part of SEO in general, think about it, if your site doesn’t load quick enough, all the on-page SEO won’t matter as potential customers will just close the site and head over to a competitors site that will load quickly.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs).

Off Page SEO has to do with the methods used to promote your website, getting citations from directories, link building, advertising campaigns using tools like Google Adwords.

There are many SEO service providers out there, and many are brilliant at what they do, but there are many who use underhand techniques to help get these citations and build your link profiles.

We only use authoritative websites for getting your business citations and we build your link profile using relevant blogs and websites.

Going down the underhand or “black-hat” route can bring quick results, but they tend to fade just as quickly as they appear, what we aim for is longevity.

On-Page SEO

This area is the area that most will be familiar with, even if they are not fully aware, bear with me!

Everyone has read a newspaper, we have all seen how a front-page is laid out, main headings, sub-headings, content, and images.

A webpage is not really that much different, only this time, the main headings, the sub-headings, images etc have all been optimised for the keywords people use while browsing the internet to look for products and or services.

There are guidelines put in place to help achieve this, there is such a concept called “over-optimisation”, which in-turn can and will cause penalties from Google.

We adhere to all safe principles of on-page SEO, to ensure your content is found using the keywords we have researched best fit your business.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services for Businesses

All websites require some form of on-going SEO services, especially if your business is in a competitive niche.

Get in touch for a free consultation, we can discuss how best to drive your website and business forward, without breaking the bank.

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