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New Website – If you build it they will come

New Website – If you build it they will come

If you build it they will come Ok so you have your shiny new website, it looks great and it’s functional on all devices, you even have it linked to your social media accounts. But there is a problem, nobody is visiting your website and you are not being found in...

Benefits of a small business website

Benefits of a small business website

6 key benefits to having a small business website, there are many more, they key thing for me is that there are no downfalls to having a website for your business in today’s digital world, so its best to adopt the new ways of the world or be left behind by competitors who do.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is already a growing market, and soon it will be ubiquitous in our working lives. The following infographic charts the rise of the Internet of Things, examines what it will mean for businesses in the future, and showcases how it is already...

About – Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives The thinking behind this site is simple. In order to function within today’s society we need to be able to meet our needs. We all interact with banks, power companies, super markets, politicians and various others. In today’s world of austerity...

Why take my small business online?

Why take my small business online?

A small local business just can’t compete for customers in the same way that the big boys can. The latter can just throw cash at a problem, whereas small/micro businesses have to be more frugal.

Content Marketing Tips

Are You Making Use of These 200+ Content Marketing Tips? Here are some of our best articles on the topic of blogging and content marketing. What to Write About The hardest part of blogging sometimes is figuring out WHAT to write about.  Luckily, our crackerjack staff...

Google Plus for Business

Want to Learn How to Use Google Plus for Business? Of Course You Do! If you are going to rate the impact of social networks on search engine ranking, you’ll find that one social channel will always come out on top. That channel is Google Plus. Sure, Google Plus may...

Small companies miss out

More than half of the public (55 per cent) find it difficult to support local small firms because many of these businesses aren't online. Figures from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills show that as many as two million (39 per cent) sole traders and small...

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