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Website Audit

Website Audit

Do you have a current website that isn’t performing as you expected, this could be the loading time, how it is been seen online or even worse not being found online.

I will audit your current site and give you a report on what is required to get it moving forward.

What is a Website Audit

Search engines use a multitude of factors to rank websites, if your website is not meeting the requirements that these factors adhere too, then you have a problem.

There are many factors which can affect your website’s online performance:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • How it’s put together
  • Poor content
  • User experience

These all have an impact on how you are viewed online, where the search engines show you on the search pages and what information is displayed in order to maximise engagement.

A website audit highlights these areas, and gives a roadmap going forward to resolve the issues.


With most businesses going online and building websites for their business, there is a huge requirement for these websites to perform and add the value to the business they were intended to do.

This is not always the case, sometimes it’s poor design, technical or no Search engine optimisation (SEO).
But sometimes you may be competing in a highly competitive niche and as such, some tweaking may be required.

The website audit will be a breakdown of the following areas:

Website Audit

Technical SEO


On Page SEO


Off Page SEO


The initial audit is free

Enter your website address in the contact form along with your contact email address, I will send the website audit to this address.

Small Business Website Audit

Website Audit report

The website audit report will take no more than 3 days to complete and will be emailed to the address provided.

The report will contain the 3 areas described below, with actionable tips that you can perform yourself, if you then want to take further action on the report, there will be more information on the services I can provide.

I have broken the areas down further in another page, there are links under each section that will take you to the relevant page.

Technical SEO

The website technical audit focusses on the structure, website speed of your website. This is probably the most important part of SEO in general, think about it, if your site doesn’t load quick enough, all the on-page SEO won’t matter as potential customers will just close the site and head over to a competitors site that will load quickly.

Read more about Technical SEO –

On-Page SEO

Everyone has read a newspaper, we have all seen how a front-page is laid out, main headings, sub-headings, content, and images.

A webpage is not really that much different, only this time, the main headings, the sub-headings, images etc have all been optimised for the keywords people use while browsing the internet to look for products and or services.

Read more about On-Page SEO –

Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO has to do with the methods used to promote your website, getting citations from directories, link building, advertising campaigns using tools like Google Adwords.

We only use authoritative websites for getting your business citations and we build your link profile use relevant blogs and websites.

Read more about Off-Page SEO –

Website Audit – Get your website working for you

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