Website Jargon and what they mean to you

People in the street can be put off and confused by all the terms used within the information technology arena, I know I can and I’ve worked within it for 20 years.  I have seen that look of bemusement all over a customers face when you try and tell them what went wrong…  Its almost as if the current IT industry confuses people more than when we went into a car garage to get a repair done.

In all honesty, there is no need for this confusion, it’s all about how the person with the knowledge passes it on to those who don’t.
Below are my top 5 website jargon terms and what they mean to you, there are thousands of terms, definitions, I feel these are the key ones to have an understanding of when making decisions based on websites and web hosting in general.

Domain Name

Your domain name is a unique name once registered, its how your customers will find you online using browsers like Google chrome or internet explorer. The domain name for this website is, nobody else can use your domain name for as long as you have it registered.  You don’t own the domain name, you lease it for a set period of time, the minimum is 1 year.

Content Management System

A content management system or CMS sounds elaborate, its basically what is being used to to build your website, gone are the days when people needed to pay for someone to sit and program or code a full website from scratch, A CMS allows the developer to build the site using software like, WordPress, Joomla etc.  The CMS handles the publishing and storage of the website content.  This website was built using WordPress.  This is one of many reasons why websites don’t cost as much as they use to.


SSL or Secure Socket Layer refers to a specific encryption technique that governs the secured transactions over the web. This applies to all Ecommerce sites so that they can accept credit card payment securely. The address bar will show off “https://” when a secure page starts to pop up inside your browser, this is key when running a store online as not only does it secure the money transaction behind encryption it also gives the customer confidence in your product and services.

Website Jargon


Hosting is basically where your website lives, when you build a website the site itself has to live on a server somewhere, there are loads of hosting providers out there.  It dictates what type of server the website lives on, are you sharing the server with other customers (shared hosting), do you lease the full server to yourself (dedicated hosting), it all comes down to cost and needs, for the purpose of a small business website, shared hosting is all you require.


SEO or search engine optimisation, is an ever changing set of directions on how you should arrange and format the content within your website, the page titles, post tags, post and page headings to name but a few.  If you think about how people will find your website without knowing its name, how do you expect to be found? that’s where SEO comes in, people use keywords to search on Google to find product and services, but its an aggressive market, some keywords are harder to use than others due to the numbers of people using them.  It all comes down to getting ranked within Googles search results and from this you get free traffic, this is called organic traffic.  Its not as simple as naming your pages and posts the same as keywords being used on Google.  As i said this is an every changing area of website development, I have always been told that content is king, but that said SEO is an important part of all websites, The beauty of using a content management system like WordPress is that’s its got all the tools available to help you with this.

Don’t be put off by all the website jargon, I can easily explain anything you need to further understand how this all works, how it will benefit you. At the end of the day, that’s, all that really matters, how does this benefit you.

Well, get in touch and let’s talk through the benefits.


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