Why have a Small Business WebsiteWhy have a Small Business Website? In a word: credibility. By only having a social media presence (which has many limiting factors – e.g. paid business advertising, filtering and the general fickle nature of social media itself), it’s hard to gain credibility if your content is not being seen and you just end up chasing ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. Sure, it can look good having a Facebook page for your business with lots of ‘Likes’, but the level of engagement can be minimum compared to the number of hours put in. You can post something on a business or selling group and within minutes it can be swallowed up by many similar competing posts, so you need to be able to stand out!

Ask yourself how often you have purchased something from a Facebook or twitter post that didn’t have a website. I know I haven’t.

Why have a Small Business Website?

Given the statistic that 55% of consumers don’t trust local small businesses if they are not online, it’s then obvious that not being online is actually working against you. Relying on local offline trade, passers-by and word of mouth is not enough anymore. With more and more consumers getting online this trade will continue drying up. Also, this recent article on how online shopping is now overtaking traditional high street shopping is more testimony to this fact. We, as small businesses, have to accept this and move with the times. But we also need to make sure we move in the right direction.

Why have a Small Business Website

It’s no longer an expensive luxury to have your own website, but there is still a huge misconception over this. People also believe that creating a small business presence on social media is free, but they seldom take into account the time required to maintain it. It can take months of hard work to get any sort of foot-hold online, and by limiting yourself solely to social media, this foot-hold can be quickly erased – by the deletion of groups and pages you were adverting too. Also, your website has the same purpose as your shop – you want people to come to you. You also want your content to stand out and be easily accessible, rather than potential customers having to scroll through pictures of cats and irreverent (often inappropriate) comments etc.

Having a small business website as your presence also means you are not excluding people – as not everyone uses social media – allowing visitors to access your goods or services where, when and how they like. Research has shown younger generations are leaving Facebook in droves, in favour of sites like Snapchat, and older generations do not use social media as much. So you could also be missing a lot of your customer base.

Why have a Small Business Website

Why have a Small Business Website, is no longer a valid question!

Shopping habits have changed rapidly due to the increase in online shopping and as more and more tech becomes accessible and internet enabled, this increase will only continue, it’s not going to reverse. That’s where I come in, by doing what I do best I can remove the time, frustration (and costly mistakes) leaving you to do what you do best. Also, by using a small, local business like your own, you will be supporting local businesses as well as building a mutually beneficial business relationship. So, now is the time to stop asking Why have a Small Business Website? and take the step towards getting your business a professional and reliable online presence.

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